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Steelers replace Antwaan Randle El with
Ohio State Buckeye’s Santonio Holmes
By BAP Sports Analysist Smokin’ Jim Frazier

The defending Super Bowl Champions added a couple, more, shorter, undersize 5-foot-10 inch receivers. Santonio Holmes, who reminds me of Indianapolis Colts All-Pro receiver Marvin Harrison, has a chance to develop into a Great player!

Santonio Holmes will wear jersey number#10, Kordell Stewart’s old number. Holmes likes to pull his hair back into a “Pony-Tail”, so I would suggest no “Joy Riding” through Schenley Park.

On my radio show I took a lot of heat because I gave the Steelers a “D” or BELOW AVERAGE grade on their draft.

The Steelers traded away their second round draft pick. NOT GOOD.

In the third round they drafted a 190 pound safety that runs like he weighs 350 pounds. Anthony Smith, from Syracuse, only runs the forty in 4.7. Too Slow to play Free Safety in the National Football League. NOT GOOD.

The Steelers are 6-Deep at Wide-Receiver, can they please get a receiver over 6-feet-tall!

In the third round the Steelers drafted another 5-foot-10 inch receiver who reminds me of Dwight “Hands of” Stone! Willie Reid, from Florida State, is too stiff to play Wide-Receiver or to return punts in the National Football League. NOT GOOD.

In the fourth round the Steelers went to the Bronx’s in New York to get a 6-foot-2 inch Offensive Right Tackle. Willie Colon, Offensive Tackle from tiny Hofstra University has a better chance of working as a Security Guard at Yankee Stadium than he has of playing tackle in the NFL at only 6-foot-2 inches! NOT GOOD.

Pittsburgh Steelers signed a Rookie Free-agent Tight End from Princeton. Jonathan Dekker, was an All-Ivy League Tight End at Princeton, but I don’t know if he was signed because they think he is a good football player or because he is good friends with Bill Cowher’s Daughter! NOT GOOD.

The Steelers signed one of the BEST DEFENSIVE ROOKIES IN THE DRAFT as an undrafted Free Agent. Mike Kudla, who is “BUILT LIKE A STEROID DUMP TRUCK”, played Defensive End at Ohio State, but the Steelers see a future for him at linebacker.

Kudla runs the forty in 4.69. He is very athletic. Vertical Jump 37-inches! Led Ohio State with 12 Quarterback sacks in 2006! Strong. Bench Presses over 600 pounds! Kudla, tied the NFL Combine workout RECORD, bench-pressing 225 pounds 45 times!

His muscles look artificially enhanced, but if Mike Kudla is ALL NATURAL he does possess the ability to emerge as NFL Rookie Defensive of the Year! Hey that’s a GOOD THING!

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