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Two Weeks after Winning the Super Bowl
Smokin' Jim Blasts the Spirit of the "Rooney Rule"

By BAP Sports Analysist Smokin' Jim Frazier

The Rooney Rule? Since when did Dan Rooney embrace Diversity? Detroit Lions owner, William Clay Ford Jr. makes a good point when he said. "Why is Dan Rooney heading the committee on hiring minority Head coaches?"

The "Rooney Rule," the league's policy, named after Steelers chairman Dan Rooney, requiring teams to interview at least one minority for its head coaching vacancy.

In 2002 lawyers, the late, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. and Cyus Mehri notified the NFL that they will sue unless substantial progress was made by the NFL in the hiring of Blacks for head coaching positions.

The NFL's response was to enact the Rooney Rule. What has DAN ROONEY ever done for Black people?

Did Dan Rooney march with Dr. King and nobody told me. The Pittsburgh news papers forgot to report that it was Dan Rooney, not Louis Farrakhan that organized the Million Man March!

I didn't know it was Dan "Abraham Lincoln' Rooney and Michael Jackson that sang Ebony and Ivy!

Maybe Dan Rooney found, FAT, overweight, Trai Essex on one of Dick Gregory's FAT FARMS? I can see it now, Dan Rooney, Dick Gregory, Trai Essex and Louis Farrakhan all sharing some Bean Pie and coffee, while reading JET Magazine!

The National Urban League held their Annual National Convention in Pittsburgh in 2003. The Pittsburgh Convention Center is right across the bridge from Dan Rooney office and not only did he NOT attend he probably PULLED DOWN HIS SHADES.

With leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bev Smith all at the Convention, not only did Rooney not attend he didn't even send a Pittsburgh Steelers representative.

Even President Bush came and spoke at the National Urban League Conventions. President Bush, passed on the Pretzels but he did have some Chips.

When considering the over 400 Head Coaches hired ALL-TIME by the NFL, on SEVEN (7) have been BLACK revealing a grossly inadequate percentage!

It's hard to believe that Red Auerbach broke ground when he hired Bill Russell to coach the Celtics in 1966 and we're still talking about this.

Color shouldn't have an impact, but it appears that David Duke is running the NFL. I think the "GHOST" of Al Campanis sit in every NFL Front Office. Al Campanis was the long time LA Dodgers executive who said on Nightline in 1988 that "Blacks may not have the necessities to run a team."

Examine this list of current and former WHITE NFL Head Coaches. Brad Childress, Mike Tice, Mike McCarthy, Mike Sherman, Rod Marinelli, Sean Payton, Jim Haslett, Scott Linehan, Dom Capers, Mike Mularkey, Norv Turner and Dick Jauron. THESE BUMS COULDN'T LEAD SILENT PRAYER!

The NFL needs to do their homework before naming someone as the chairman of the committee on diversity in the workplace.

Just, because Dan Rooney is 'IRISH', doesn't mean he is John F. Kennedy!

DISCLAIMER: The views in this column are the opinion of the columnist and are not shared or associated with Brotha Ash Productions.


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