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Cowher, Bettis, Big Ben, Hampton, Porter
and Polamalu lead Pittsburgh to Super Bowl 40!

by BAP Sport Analyst "Smokin Jim Frazier" 1/23/06

The Pittsburgh Steelers played in Super Bowl 10, 30 and now Coach Bill Cowher will lead his team to Super Bowl 40!

Before the season Coach Cowher signed a contract extention. Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers for locking up the "BEST" Coach in Football. Bill Cowher will coach Pittsburgh until he is a 'NIFTY-FIFTY' and beyond!

I think MOST of the FANS in Pittsburgh must have played Cornerback, because they have short memories!

The Steelers fans blamed Bill Cowher for losing 4 out of 5 HOME AFC Championship game and losing a Super Bowl, but HISTORY proves that the Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys were the BETTER TEAM's.

Cowher and the Steelers will create some history of there own in Detroit against the Seattle Seahawks.

Jerome Bettis, former Detroit Mackenzie High School football star, is going back home to "WIN" the Super Bowl.

The "Bus" is STILL the Eye's, Ear's and Throat of the Team. He has rushed for more than 13,000 career yards and he is the TEAM leader!

But his most attractive attribute is the respect and confidence that every one of his teammates have in him. There is nothing that I can say about the 'BUS' that haven't already been said. He is A NFL ICON.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been RIDING Jerome Bettis like 'SMARTY' JONES for years, But, JEROME BETTIS will be the first one to tell you that he cannot afford another 400 carry season.

Hall-of-Fame career. Final season. Final game, and winning a World Championship in his hometown. These are the things that "HOLLYWOOD" Movies are made of.

As good as Coach Bill Cowher and the Coaches and Big Ben Roethlisberger, Hines Ward, Alan Faneca, Bettis and the Offense. Pittsburgh will win the Super Bowl because of their superior Defense.

Casey Hampton is The 'Chief of Beef'! I love 'Bowling Ball' type players. I like a guy who'll draw a line, dig a trench and defended it with everything he has! This is what FOOTBALL is all about and this is what CASEY HAMPTON is all about!

Casey is a BLUE COLLAR football player. He is going to battle you for four quarters in the trenches. He GETS the job done, but it is not always pretty. He is a boulder and NO offensive Center in the NFL can SHOULDER this BOULDER one on one, and this is why Casey is Doubled and Tripled teamed on every play.

Joey Porter and LaVar Arrington were TWO OF THE MOST ATHLETIC Defensive players in COLLEGE FOOTBALL HISTORY! If you want to see what kind of player that Joey Porter was in College then go RENT the MOVIE "WATERBOY!"

Joey Porter is one of the FINEST athletes to ever play college football. As a Freshman, Porter was a Starting RUNNINGBACK, WINGBACK & WIDE RECEIVER! He was the hardest working player in Colorado State history.

Joey Porter is chiseled. If he would have been around with "MICHELANGELO", his STATUE would have been named "JOEY" instead of David!

But, Joey's thick "Marble Head" has gotten him into trouble. He GOT into a FIGHT before the Cleveland Brown game in 2004. Good news, Joey looked like a Professional Boxer. He hit William Green with SO MANY rights that he was begging for a left! Bad news. Joey hurt the team.

The Good news for the Steelers is James Harrison played and PROVED to be one of the Better Linebackers in the league.

There are a couple things that we know about Joey. We know that he is tough, but we also know that he is not "BULLET PROOF"!

Joey Porter got SHOT in DENVER, but the surprising THING is that JAMES HARRISON got out of 'KENT STATE' "WITHOUT A SCRATCH"!!!!!!!

Joey Porter made the PRO BOWL in 2004. How did that happen? Since he got SHOT he had only been a SHELL of himself. No PUN intended.

Joey had not been the same player since he got SHOT-IN-THE-BUTT and then he tore up his KNEE in training camp of 2005 doing the LARRY FOOTE stomp in practice.

Porter got off to a very slow start in 2005, but now he is healthy and is playing the Linebacker position as well as any player in NFL HISTORY! Porter is playing like Lawrence Taylor, Greg Lloyd, Derrick Thomas and Jack Ham all rolled into one!

Joey Porter, Jerome Bettis, are going into Detroit to make history. Are you paying attention Spike Lee

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