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The Face Me Ike Taylor Football
Camp is a big hit in New Orleans

By Smokin’ Jim Frazier
The world is constantly in search of good role models. The professional football world is no exception. But in their midst, there is someone special. He is not only a player among players, but Ike Taylor, a third-year cornerback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, is one of the most soft-spoken and humble players in the National Football League. Taylor hosts a football camp in his hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana. Taylor hosted the football camp, called the “FaceMeIke” Football Camp. Teammates James Farrior and Verron Haynes along with New Orleans Saints Charles Grant, St. Louis Rams Kevin Garrett, and Coach Tom Shaw were joined by 150 children. “Many in New Orleans, especially children, see National Football League players as heroes both on and off the football field,” said Shawn Smith, Vice President of Media Relations & Marketing X-A-M Sports & Entertainment, LLC. “These players are heroes because they are choosing to care about these wonderful children. The children and families these players touch are forever changed.” The expertise that’s being passed along isn’t exclusive to the football field. Not only did Taylor teach football drills but he delivered his “Face Me Ike” philosophy: Face your fears, face your dreams, Face adversity. “I’m teaching kids that you can go from the bottom to the top,” said Taylor. “Nothing was ever given to me. I had to work for everything that I have.” New Orleans, Louisiana, where Ike starred as a High School football and basketball player, continues to be the recipient of Ike’s generosity. The misery, the casualties, the wrecked homes and the ruined lives in the city he loves and always wanted to live in, were too much to take. But one moment will remain with him as long as he lives. His Steelers teammates responded to the tragedy by holding a fundraising party at Heinz Field and raised over 100,000 dollars. “I’m so proud to be part of the Steelers family,” said Taylor. “We are a very close team.” Ike also enjoys giving back to the Pittsburgh community and has helped out in a number of ways. “Ike does a ton of charitable things,” said Smith. “But you won’t always hear about them because he doesn’t boast. He’s a quiet soldier in that respect. He gives clothes to the homeless. He has given game tickets to people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them and is always taking time to talk with fans.” Does Ike Taylor have plans, in the future, to bring the “Face Me Ike” Football Camp to Pittsburgh? “Yes, I would love to bring my camp to Pittsburgh,” said Taylor. “These are hard working, blue collar families and I want to continue to work hard and help out in the community.” Maybe Ike Taylor can produce a youth group of “Ike’s All-Stars” in the Pittsburgh area.

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