Big shoutouts to 360 Entertainment for inviting Brotha Ash Productions to this event and for bringing the event to the 'Burgh. Other shoutouts go to Mike Williams, Tyrell Baker and Hassan Johnson for kickin' it with Brotha Ash Productions. Shoutouts to my colleagues J-Kruz of WAMO 106.7FM, Devon and Brett of U-WEB TV, and a major shoutout goes to my fam, Dana Ramsey for her major contribution to the EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. Congratulations to our BAP Winners Denise Lamar and Shelly Hundley for having a chance to meet and take photos with the cast.

One-on-one with ‘Omar’ and ‘Wee Bey’
By Ashley G. Woodson with contributions by Dana Ramsey
For The New Pittsburgh Courier

Stars of 'The Wire' visit city
The word around the corner and the watercooler is that HBO’s gritty “The Wire” is must-see TV. Unlike the other cop shows, “The Wire” keeps it real, drawing on the true-to-life experiences of writer and producer Edward Burns, who did time on the mean streets of Baltimore as a social studies teacher and a 20-year veteran of a police detective unit.

Two members of the cast (the street side) of the hit urban drama and Peabody Award-winning television show made a brief visit to Pittsburgh last month. Hassan Johnson, 28, who plays Roland “Wee Bey” Brice on the show, and Brooklyn, New York native Michael K. Williams, who plays “Omar Little” the full story from The New Pittsburgh Courier

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