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Cedric Scott Jr. is a 21 year old Pittsburgh native and poet. He is currently a full time undergraduate Chemistry major at
Virginia State University. His poetry and all other accomplishments are dedicated to his family. Most importantly, his poems are dedicated to his mother Julia who he lost to breast cancer when he was 10 years old. She was only 33 at the time. Cedric Scott has completed two very short books. Now We Lynch Ourselves...enjoy.

Contacted at or at 412.886.4826.

Man vs. the World

Eyes wide shut
Exempt and numb to it all
Carrying my hollowed being into the dawn of yesteryear
Spectators view him closely, shocked and appalled

The wind settles
And there he stands
A gladiator amongst the masses
He could, He will, He can

Marching into the valley of the elect
Evading any entity tainted by the trod prints of those of a prior age
Hauling no more than his very own flesh, blood, and bone
Heart, mind, and soul in hand, the master of this storybook page

Vultures hover about the land
Peering down at he, the living, whom they despise
Glancing back, he greets them as brethren
As he stares to the sky, and closes his eyes

I was raised in the South Bronx of New York City. I am the mother of four adult children, two son, two daughters, seven grandchildren. When I began writing this book I waS in a lonely place. The purpose of my poetry is to connect with the world of people who haven't healed properly: we have to be reopened so that God can take away of all pain forever.



Rudolph Strothers, Jr., bares his soul as he takes the reader on an emotional journey as the author of "CRY NO MORE". Raised by a loving mother, but knowing only the harshness of a father's brutal fists, Rudy enters into life on the street-running wild,trafficing illegal drugs,experiencing police brutality, and losing friends to both homicide and jail. His life seems destined to end in violent failure. At his lowest point, incarcerated and alone in his cell, Rudy re-evaluates his life and vows to undertake his biggest challenge trying to change and become a better man, for himself, his family, and his community.

Rudolph Strothers (412)478-4360,, myspace/R.A.. Strothers
Book available: Borders 5986 Penn Circle South East Liberty:(412)441-1080
Book Signing Dates: July 11, 2009 at: PENN AVENUE MAIL CENTER
6393 Penn Avenue, 10:00am to 1:00pm
August 22, 2009 at: Borders 5986 Penn Circle South East Liberty, 6:00 pm to 8:00pm


Brotha Ash Productions would like to introduce you to writer Gina Buckner. She submitted a poem for you to check out called "Writing From My Heart". Gina, we thank you for submitting this poem to Brotha Ash Productions.


Barack Obama
A Hope Unexpected
Too many years spent Brainwashed
Minds unprotected
Undisciplined Pain, Anger, and Worry
Not knowing how to dream anymore – The vision was blurry
Being impracticable with regard to the importance or meaning of Life
Mr. Barack Obama
The change we may need
To restore and preserve a positive presence in our Lives
It’s been a long time coming
Something we never expected to see in our lifetime
My children saw the tears in my eyes
As young and innocent as they are
They already understood the reason I was crying
A historical event that the world witnessed together
A position never obtained by a Black Man – EVER.
A hero to the people welcoming a change that is necessary
Going down as a New Chapter in history books
For this moment is Legendary
I cannot fully explain the joy that I feel because of how far we’ve come
Yes We Can Yes We Will
We’ve witnessed the truth in the power of strength in numbers
And now It Has Been Done.
The revolution has begun and it was televised
All Day, All Night Sundown to Sunrise
Mr. Obama – Yes, He won the majority
Taking rank on the top of the ticket
All while being considered a Minority
The first shall be last and the last shall be first
The time has finally come for mentalities to be reversed
Through recognition of the fact that barriers can come down
Through Renewed ambition to come together on common ground

It is OK with me
If you do not share in the joy of my moment in pride
My Heart if Full
My Mind is Free
I am so proud to have lived to see the dawn of a new era
I turned 30 – Blissfully
A caterpillar to a Butterfly is a beautiful transformation
Crawling before you walk
And Instead given the ability to fly
How’s that for Motivation
To see beyond traditional ideas
To dream in spite of discouragement and fear
Trust in the Lord…He brought you to it, He’ll get you through it
YES, HE will get you there
Always on time Even the moment you did not expect it
It has come to pass for all who are living
Our First Black President has been elected
I must say that there is one thing that truly saddens me about the situation
It is our Lost Loved Ones
Who cannot be here to join us in Celebration
Even more, most were young enough
To witness the start of a New Beginning
Most have died by the hands of their own people
That has to STOP
CHANGE is the process for winning.

© November 5, 2008
Written by Regina A. Buckner-Camp



Ghetto Hot Sauce was a way for me to illuminate the often hidden struggles and drama experienced daily by males living in the ghetto. That ghetto can be represented by many places and many faces, including the streets and penitentiaries that that have enslaved too many of us.

These poems were not written to glorify violence or bad choices. They were written to give voice to those who are unseen or unheard, either in the struggle or on their way there. If anything within these poems seems to relate to a specific person or persons, I assure you it is purely coincidental. As you know, we have all heard that art imitates life and that life imitates art. I write with a heart of passion and the pen is my shooter. I'm shooting to give understanding to those who are unaware of the pain, as well as those who are struggling to find a way out. To all the politicians and preachers who have already tried to judge me, I believe there is only one Judge and it is HE alone who shall render the ultimate judgement. And it is HE who has blessed me with the gift of poetry.

By Author/Poet "Valdez Thompson"

It's funny how they forget
On the streets you're a hit
But get lock up and that's it
Nobody knows you no more
Then find out your dime piece is a whore
Yet before she claimed her love for you was sure
Now you know the entire game
Their plays put real players to shame
They were all lames living off your name
With you gone they cruise your lane
While in prison you experience hunger pain
Seven and half years gone by
You're back on the streets and more fly
Though there's no more love in your eye
Those who forgot you are looking for a way in
Including cuz and unc like you're their kin
Their lameness and disloyalty is the new trend
Dudes acting like girls and women acting like men
So much gone wrong since you been gone
Everyone seems off while you're still on
The pieces of the streets each a pawn
As you stand alone as the last Don

To purchase "Ghetto Hot Sauce" contact Valdez Thompson at (412) 583-8498 or email:


We received an email from 23 year old New York native "LENA WASHINGTON" to share her poetry with you. She is supplying two pieces of hers called "A Letter to the Land of Conception" and "Holiday's Cry". Let's show here some love!!

A Letter to the land of Conception
by Lena Washington

Sweet beauty in your sands,
I dream of walking through your land
The Sahara, Mozambique, the river Nile
But I think
Your beauty may be covered
By brown oversexed bodies
Small, young, old
Faces rampaged
Men running and taking on the Congo
Leaving behind the HIV
That leads to the A, I, D, S you see
Tear shrieked face is me
Cause I dream of searching for my history
But I am faced with death
In brown bodies
In brown faces.

I am scared of your beauty
For it is covered in mountains of despair
To abundant
For me
I am helpless
I cannot comfort you
I cannot embrace you
Genocide forms in your walls
My history dissipates
As A,I,D,S eats it away
Tear shrieked face is me
Watching from across the sea
As you crumble for worst than my eyes can hold.

Sweet beauty in your sand
I close my eyes
And I dream of walking through your land
Awaken by the nightmare
Of ruthless men toting guns
Of children starving
With rounded bellies
Babies left alone in the heat
Beauty of gold covered in blood
Smeared an stink
Oh sweet beauty! Sweet beauty I dream!

Holiday's Cry
By Lena Washington

Taint nobodies business
If I want to be Lilith
Traffic stopping
Hip rocking
Running away from Adam
Away from pain
Of servitude
And subjugation
To create my own
Not to be his Eve
And letting him bask in my ebony lights
Nor shouldering the worlds sorrow
Plague, death and despair
O hell no, not me
Virgin Mary
Raped by unknown character
I'm aiming to be the whore of Babylon
Lady Magdellan got Jesus anyway
So fuck it
I'm trying to thrive
Not fit inside
Your prison of what a woman
Should be
I am me
Not your breeder
Or waiting maid
Not your concubine
Or a girl in the sex trade.

Taint nobodies business
Who I choose to be
I set the definition
The parameters
To what defines me
Holy words
Tainted by the hands of man
Shall not have me trapped
Into the boxed picture
Of his apple eating woman.



Portia A. Cosby (pictured left) will release Too Little, Too Late (DISTINCT Publishing, $14.99), the first novel from her "Situations & Circumstances" series on July 16, 2007. The Beaver Falls graduate currently divides her time between Stone Mountain, GA and Beaver Falls, PA.

Meet Tameka...

TAMEKA JAMES has always been a confident, outspoken, strong-willed woman with her one weakness being her ex-boyfriend, TJ. That weakness soon becomes the catalyst to a new life of fear, disease, and pain when one of TJ’s enemies rapes her and threatens to kill her if she goes to the police. Now with a police report on file, an HIV diagnosis in her medical records, and the rapist running free, Tameka fights to maintain normalcy and save her new relationship. As tensions mount and stakes are raised, some lives are threatened while others are taken. The phrase "Too little, Too late" becomes a reality instead of a cliché when last minute efforts are made in vain.


by Ralph C. Watkins

Sagging pants, blaring car stereos and nonchalant attitudes are just a few stereotypes of the hip hop generation. In reality, it's a world filled with eclectic language, colorful characters and misguided energy. With such harsh criticism coming from the African American church, many hip-hoppers have sought out separate vehicles of spirituality. The gap is growing farther apart every moment, and question now becomes, what are Christians prepared to do to win these souls?

The Gospel Remix: Reaching the Hip Hop Generation (Judson Press) is an in-depth look into the mind of a hip-hopper. This book is the answer to all ministries that seek to understand and help young people in this chaotic era. The Gospel Remix: Reaching the Hip Hop Generation (0-8170-1507-8) is available for $14.00,

To schedule an interview with any of the co-authors, contact Pam Perry 248-426-2300.

Meet the Authors: Ralph C. Watkins, DMin, PhD, Jason A. Barr Jr., Jamal-Harrison Byrant, PhD, William H. Curtis, DMin, and Otis Moss III



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Hey sista hi you doin
I’m just fine
(Scared as can be, but you can’t see what I hide in me)
Cause I smile and I shine
You’ll never tell cause I hide it so well

Hey sista what’s sup wit chew
Hey ain’t nuttin Bro just doin da do
(Scared as can be, but you can’t see what I hide in me)
Cause I smile and I shine
You’ll never tell cause I hide it so well

I walk down the street
Through a room
Saying hello (with a smile) at the people I meet
I swerve with pizzazz in grace
A mystery in my face
(Scared as can be, but they can't see what I hide in me)
Cause I smile and I shine
They'll never tell cause I hide it so well

Portraying that I have it all together
With my shimmering style and shinning smile
But they can't see
Their to jealous and filled with envy
Cause they don't know how to take me
(Scared as can be, but they can't see what I hide in me)
Cause I smile and I shine
They'll never tell cause I hide it so well

I thirst for so much
That I can't seem to find or touch
My mind is ready to burst
People come around me I cling
Praying they get away from me like I'm on a binge
I refuse to let them get close
To find out what I know most
Can't let them see a certain part of me
That's my inter mystery
(Scared as can be, but they can't see what I hide in me)
Cause I smile and I shine
They'll never tell cause I hide it so well

Written by Dell Saunders
Started 7/06 - (completed) Wednesday 1/24/07 2:45pm
All Rights Reserved© "Poetry By Dell"

by Author Mykal Wooten

Brotha Ash Productions would like to introduce to you a new author from Quitman, Georgia "Mykal Wooten". He is a descendant from a very strong woman who only developed the skills of a field hand or house keeper. Father unknown or if known, never present. Born sixth child out of seven, in a small town called Quitman Georgia. Growing up without the mere necessities
in life, such as running water, indoor bath/toiletries and some cases electricity.

ABOUT HIS BOOK: To be defined as a worthless body, influenced me to want to become somebody, but to be put down by someone you looked upon for guidance and moral support, placed a sour taste on all hopes, dreams and ambitions. To be identified as the kid who would grow up to become nothing, so said his first grade teacher.

For more information, visit or you may contact him via-phone 786-316-8211 cell or 954-597-0528 home

by Author Victoria Lynndale Pratt

Combines the power of God's wisdom and inspirational truths to encourage us to reach for God's highest good, and challenges us to go to the deep depths within to find the place of true everlasting faith, and love, basking in His Presence. Available online at,,, (Barnes & Noble Online) and other Online Booksellers.


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by Pittsburgh Author and Writer Ruth Pollard Patterson

Ruth was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Her mother migrated from Alabama when she was a teen. She told Ruth many stories of life down South. Ruth spent the earlier years growing up in Pittsburgh's Hill District. Yet, she came to know and love the South through her yearly vacations to her maternal grandmother's which was the source of her fictional first novel, GOTMYEYESONYOU! (2005). Her first novel is a contemporary storyline about an age old crime, SIN!!! GOTMYEYESONYOU! is a page-turner tale which emphasizes strong, emotional characterization and the healing power of love through prayer. GOTMYEYESONYOU! can be purchased from any book seller even if you have to order it in; but it’s cheaper if you purchase from or by calling 888-280-7715. Through Author house the cost is $14.50 for the paperback (ISBN 1-4208-6346-0) and the hardcover is $23.00 (ISBN 1-4208-6347-9). You can contact Ruth by email @

For more info about GOTMYEYESONYOU! and Ruth Pollard Patterson


New Pittsburgh Author
Deborah Lindsay Tillman (Harobed Publishing Creations, $14.95, paperback).
"Come Inside," Poetry from one heart.

Ms Tillman grew up in the small town of Duquesne, PA. With no academics behind her and little financial support. This author managed to get her book on bookshelves and reviews from some famous poets, celebrities, newspapers, magazines, and regular hometown people.

Nikki Giovanni-"It's wonderful to see and read another strong poetic voice." Maya Angelou- "Thank you for the gift". Mel-Man music producer-"It's nice to get lost into something so positive." Cheri J actress-"It took me on an roller coaster ride. It made me laugh it made me cry." Hugh Fox Small Press California-" Keats and Whitman never happened." That's a wide gamut to place this author. J Mesman Pittsburgh Magazine "Tillmans efforts on behalf of Poetry from one heart typify the energy and commitment of the self-published." Pittsburgh Courier gave her three stars. Chuck Gibson The Daily News "Tillman express both the hope and sadness of a world that, while some ties dark, tries to turn itself around." Lois Dabney Smith P.H.D. nationally recognized psycotherapist. "Deborah Tillman is a midwife of poetry. May she continue to birth in abundance. These are just a few of the review credits this author has recieved. Her goal is to let others know that obstacles are to be set if goals are to be reached. Only by faith it will be done. Come Inside is an open invitation to share in the passions of life as experienced through one heart. Lets support this uprising author and pick up this inspirational book.

Special orders through: Barnes & Nobles, Borders,
Bradley's, Harobed Publishing, and Walden's.
Bookstores order from Baker & Taylor: Izilda Santos

Call or Write to Order:
Harobed Publishing Creations
P.O. Box 8195
Pittsburgh, PA 15217-0195


This book of poetry is comprised of verses that have been derived from the grace, mercy, and glory of God. It's contents are of His power and love and administer to a humble and righteous servant, willing to pen the awesome revelations he has experienced in God. This book is not just a simple collection of personal witness, testimony, and revelation. It is for the enjoyment and spiritual nourishment of all who endeavor to read its contents. Now, with an honest heart, an open mind, and the willingness to experience thrills in a positive existence, enjoy... A Humble and Righteous Servant

KEVIN B. WELLS @ 412-441-9682

©Copyright 2011 Brotha Ash Productions. All Rights Reserved


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