by Pittsburgh Author and Writer Ruth Pollard Patterson

We introduced you to Ruth almost a month ago about her great book "GotMyEyesOnYou". In her own words, this book is a page-turner tale which emphasizes strong, emotional characterization and the healing power of love through prayer. Brotha Ash Productions interviewed her to find out more about her writings and what she has planned for the future. Check out what she had to say.

When did you start writing and why?
I’m a story teller which created who I came to be. I’ve always enjoyed writing and have an over vigorous imagination. But I never keep a diary. Instead I remember things by observing very closely. I then sit down and write or talk to people. Lastly I research my information to know as much about a topic as I can. It gives me creditably as a writer.
However, I didn’t become serious about writing or publishing my work until I went to graduate school at Carlow University. It started with a conversation, with a classmate, who I consider a dear friend, Trisha M. Gadson. She shared her experiences of getting published. Tris and I talked about it a little more, and with some of her ideas and her blessings I went off and finished developing my characters and got authorhouse on board.

Do you write about all different subjects?
I enjoy writing about a variety of different things. I write about my personal experiences and about other people. Yet, drama is the genre I enjoy the most. I write about situations that touch the heart, your very soul. I also write in such a way that as soon as you read the first page of my novel it’s engaging enough that you can’t put the book down.

Are you considered to be a non-fictional or fictional writer?
I think in every frictional novel there is some truth mixed in. I’d like to be considered both, a fictional and non-fiction writer. In fact, my next novel due out in 2006 is NON-FICTION which I’m getting excited about.

Reflections and Thoughts
by Carmen Morgan Washington

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ruth, for better than 50 years. I have always admired her strong work ethic and the positive approach she takes with everything she encounters. I'm reminded of the strong presence and commanding personality she seemed to always demonstrate whenever she entered a new environment. Being raised in the projects of Pittsburgh, faced with many challenges and obstacles as early as the 7th grade, she excelled where many would have failed. Because of Ruth's refined attitude, she always stood out among her contemporaries and was often the object of admiration from her peers. In grade school, her excellent academic background prepared her for a successful tenure in high school. Afterwards she entered the workforce with the United States Postal Service. At the Post Office, she started working on the ground level and soon worked her way up the ladder into management. Her progression in the workforce was challenging in that she also attended night school where she eventually earned a Master of Science in Professional Leadership from Carlow University. Ruth's deep rooted belief in God have been the driving factor in her ability to compassionately share her beliefs and encourage her family and others to always put God first. I'm extremely proud to have know Ruth all these years and recommend her first novel "GOTMYEYESONYOU!" to all who know her and to those who are being introduced to her for the first time. You will find her writing style to be refreshing and exciting. The easy reading of her story will grip your imagination and indulge your mind into a blissful expression of her thoughts and the pure magical way she develps her characters. I'm honored to express my childhood memories and ongoing relationship with my cousin of many years.

GOTMYEYESONYOU is a reflection of her gift and hard work.


Ruth was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Her mother migrated from Alabama when she was a teen. She told Ruth many stories of life down South. Ruth spent the earlier years growing up in Pittsburgh's Hill District. Yet, she came to know and love the South through her yearly vacations to her maternal grandmother's which was the source of her fictional first novel, GOTMYEYESONYOU! (2005). Ruth studied at Carlow University and received her MBA in 2004. In addition to marriage, raising two daughters, Ruth has been a Postal Worker for over twenty-five years. Through the years Ruth developed a passion for writing. But not until she went back to college did she consider the possibility of getting published, and her dream was born. Her first novel is a contemporary storyline about an age old crime, SIN!!! GOTMYEYESONYOU! is a page-turner tale which emphasizes strong, emotional characterization and the healing power of love through prayer. Ruth is currently working on her second novel. Ruth enjoys writing, hanging out with her grandchildren or out walking in the 'burg.

'GOTMYEYESONYOU! can be purchased from any book seller even if you have to order it in; but it’s cheaper if you purchase from www.authorhouse.com or by calling 888-280-7715. Through Author house the cost is $14.50 for the paperback (ISBN 1-4208-6346-0) and the hardcover is $23.00 (ISBN 1-4208-6347-9).

You can contact Ruth by email @ Pt4Ru@aol.com