B-PEP (The Black Political Empowerment Project) in association with The Pittsburgh Jazz Society presented B-PEP Jazz at Foster's Holiday Inn Select in Oakand, April 9, 2007. Shout outs go to Howie Alexander, Don Aliquo, Artistree, Chuck Austin, Donna Bailey, Roger Barbour, Harold Betlers, Jerry Betters, Cecil Brooks, Dan Donohoe, Betty Douglass, Sandy Dowe, Dr. Nelson Harrison, Kevin Howard, Greg Humphries, Roger Humphries, George Jones, The Al Dowe Quintet, Tony Campbell, Etta Cox, Al Dowe, Tim Jenkins, Keith Moorhouse, Dan Wasson, Kenny Blake, Luther DeJarunett, Dwayne Dolphin, Leonard Johnson III, Fletcher Tomlin, Tim Stevens,
Bev Smith, Franco Harris, Debbie Norrell, Kevin Amos, Vince Simms, B-PEP and everyone who came to this event.
APRIL 9, 2007