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Veteran Derrick Clark Homewood Platoon Leader The Mission Continues Feeds the Community Memorial Day Weekend 2020!

Veteran Derrick Clark
Homewood Platoon Leader
The Mission Continues
Feeds the Community Memorial Day Weekend

The Mission Continues Homewood Platooon held an event which fed the communities from all over the city. The event was held in Homewood at House of Manna by The Mission Continues Pittsburgh 2nd Platoon leader Derrick Clark. TMC is a national organization of veterans that come into communities around the country and do great things. TMC builds playground, plant gardens, feed people from all over and come together in any they can with veterans and community member, civilians and partners.

"I got involved because Im a veteran and a wounded warrior. I joined the Wounded Warriors Project because I did two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I joined the United States Navy after September 11, 2001 because I felt that I still had a duty to myself, my family and my country. The program gave me the opportunity to go to Atlanta, GA to see The Mission Continues in action. I became a part of it and we did great projects", said Clark.

While attended The Mission continues in Atlanta, GA, Clark realized that he could do the same project in his home town of Pittsburgh, PA.

"Luckily there was a group in Pittsburgh that ran the Homewood Platoon before I did. I linked up with those veterans and let them know that I lived in Pittsburgh, PA. When I came home I took over the Homewood Platoon and gathered resources to make things happen.

Clark is the only Platoon Leader out of eighty six platoons nationwide including Puerto Ric that gets to serve the community he grew up in.

"The Mission Continues was shut down because COVID-19. I've been doing this for two and half years and once a month I have projects that I share with the community", said Clark.

During the time of Clark helping others from all over the city of Pittsburgh, PA, his house caught on fire April 14th, 2020 and he lost everything.

"I was devastated when my house caught fire, but God always takes care of me. The community stepped up along with the partners and I knew that everything would be alright. Even though I was going through my ordeal, I knew there was still a need to help the community.

The first event Clark did was held at Shilol Community Baptist Church in Homewood. The Mission Continues did not want Clark to go through with this event.

"We ended up having over three hundred fifty people in attendance and (PPE) Personal, Protective, Equipment. The event was so successful that I wanted to do another one at a nursing home in East Hills. The response was so great and The Mission Continues seen what I was doing and they were behind one hundred percent", said Clark.

Clark is not in this alone. He has a whole team of members, volunteers, civilians, community leaders and family members who support him. He wanted to feed people and give them something to look forward to during this Memorial Day Weekend and they accomplished their goal.

(For more information on the organization "The Mission Continues," visit www.missioncontinues.org, or email Pittsburgh 2nd Platoon leader Derrick Clark at dclark@missioncontinues.org.)