By Ashley G. Woodson for Brotha Ash Productions and the New Pittsburgh Courier

Kay "DaButton Pusha" Bey is the C.E.O. of Just Pressin Buttons Productions, INC. She is the "brainchild" and "face" of the company. She started by playing in her school bands. She soon began developing skills in Dee-jaying, producing, film editing and more. She has and produces (3) community access TV shows: "Ripple Effect”, "Culture N Me”, and Rockin Live with DaButtonPusha" .

She also is behind "The Hip-hop Buffet Series" , and "JPBTV THINK U HOT? PSA's" . She has developed a Hip-hop based curriculum called "Rhyme and Reason Hip-hop 101" which she taught in Shuman Center, and various schools county wide. Her music influences are her mother and brother, KRS 1, Rakim, Angeleye, M.C. Lyte, Queen Latifah, Tribe Called Quest, JayDee, D.J. Supa C, Joy Brown and Deshwan Da Chef.She believes that Hip Hop, The MIC, and your voice are tools - USE THEM! She met hip hop legend KRS ONE at the Greater Pittsburgh Coliseum when she was 13 years old. She also listened to WPTS wake up show and she was never the same after that.

DaButtonPusha comes from the name of the company JUST PRESSIN BUTTONS, PRODUCTIONS given to Bey her friend "O". The reason was because she was always in the basement pressing buttons - teaching herself skills. She presses buttons to make beats, film, edit video, play with Photoshop, and maintain a website and all of the other technical equipment that goes along in the studio.

“I am a very out spoken woman. I speak with passion, truth and realness -so when I speak - people tend to listen. My words will make some smile while others frown - my words may make some mad or make some glad, they will make you think or make you hate on me - but surely, in some way - my words will press your buttons", say Bey.
Music is all about what people can relate to. While other folks label it, she chooses to create it. Bey's music is very personal to her. At any point her music could be gangsta, conscious or mainstream. She speaks on what she sees in the communities. The lack of true empowerment, the continual disrespect/oppression (on so many levels) of powerful woman, the need for unity in our community (mostly between our youth) and the need for people to truly KEEP IT REAL! Most say they do - but take a closer look - most truly do not. She calls it Rebel Music.

"I'm in life for the long haul - everything else is temporary - truthfully. - What I can say is that I have a plan - if Allah blesses me enough time to complete my plan, then, yeah - JPB, INC will be here a very long time. - The father may have another mission for me - so I just step in the footprints he puts in front of me - and have faith", says Bey.
Bey feels it's important for JPB to become another media outlet for people like JPB - period. Artists simply do not get enough coverage in the underground hip-hop scene. She wants it to be clear however, JPBTV.COM is not a media source that is going to run and chase every story because it is not gossip media. JPBTV.COM is a showcase media. They showcase talent and that is what they do. JPBTV.COM is an 24-7 rotation on-line TV station - a media outlet for all kinds of hip-hop/poetry from all over the world.

They are currently running 5 channels filled with some type of hip-hop; from documentaries to freestyle battles, from Darfur to Pittsburgh. People can even chat live or use our on-demand feature on the station.
Bey does not have media credentials in the sense of her going to school for it, but she makes it clear about what she does have.

“If you’re asking if I have any traditional schooling for media - I do not. I do however, produce (3) original TV shows (aired on PCTV Channel 21), The Hip Hop Buffet, which is broadcast live of the internet, our own internet base original series PSA called "Think U Hot Video", Da Mag and JPB Radio (coming soon) our internet radio station.
We have our own studio, equipment, photographer (CrystalClear Photos), film and edit crew, engineer, and disc jockey (D.J. Superman). We even have our own cook (Tray-Ball) that caters our events. We can provide a lot for artist - We just ask folks to logon to JPBTV.Com - watch our programming, and then you tell us", says Bey.
Bey has been on the mic for about five years and she does not herself to be a rapper or an emcee. She is simply someone who speaks on the mic with passion over beats and who loves the hip hop culture. She has no dreams of being a "rap star".

JPB, INC plans to push and promote music from two new upcoming Groups: Yung HIt and Pgh Mafia. They are artist who will work exclusively with JPBINC. They will help them with promotion, recording, video production, photo shoots and showcase bookings. JPB, INC will not say they "signed" with us because they are not a "Record Label". JPB, INC is a production company. Stay on the lookout for these hot new artists.
"Honestly - the attention goes right over my head. I realize that I am in a battle on so many levels; therefore I don't need just "attention". I need support! - The love is what I see and when I get it, I give it back. Most of the time I'm giving it whether I'm getting it back or not. I get a lot of people that recognize who I am from the Ripple
Effect TV show. We'll chat and then I will give them info about JPBTV.COM. It's always a grind and I have no time for shining.

The Hip Hop Buffet Series Volume 6 - Season 4 came to the Shadow Lounge located at 5927 Baum Boulevard which featured the legend himself "Kurtis Blow". “Kurtis Blow is a veteran and we have a lot of people that are in the music industry getting paid $25,000 to $30,000 to come to Pittsburgh but we are talking about a veteran. I think the spiritual element of Kurtis Blow’s show is wonderful. I know when I get on the microphone it’s always meant to uplift”, says Bey.

“Some of the language you have to change, but whenever you have the opportunity to grab the microphone, you need to do something positive with it. I like the fact you can come to hip hop show without worrying about being killed. Kurtis Blow decided to have a cipher and praise that he chooses to call God and I decided to use the cipher to praise who I call God and that is Allah. This was an opportunity for everyone in the room to feel the person’s energy next to them and get their vibrations”, says Bey.

Kurtis Blow says, “We did not have a good time when I was in Pittsburgh last year and I did not have an opportunity to perform on stage because it was a big mix up with another organization. I’m here tonight and I thank God that I’m here tonight. Trinity’s CD is called “Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost and it drops next weeks.”

“Kurtis Blow speaks on the death of Michael Jackson and how it has affected everyone. “I’m still in shock and it was an incredible lost for all of us and for humanity. M condolences go out to his family that’s giving us great music over the past forty years and heart is saddened. I’m actually the same age as Michael Jackson and to see him go really brings the meaning to the word life. We all need to take heed from his example and live life to the fullest. Enjoy life because you just never know when you will go”, says Kurtis Blow. You can go to hiphopchurch.net and learn more about Trinity.

DaButtonPusha's Stage presence is raw, uncut and full of energy and her mission is to simply document her existence as well as her peers! The love of her life is her son Aubree. her passion is real. Her style is original, her determination to succeed is empowering, her will is strong, her words are meant to motivate, and her voice is powerful, her destiny is written, her actions mirror her words, her goal is to uplift, her life is simply complexed, her sincerity is inspiring, her mind is sharp and her love for what she does, shall be UNMATCHED! - Bey says, "SHE IS DABUTTONPUSHA AND SHE IS ME!"